Robot Pool Skimmer 

The Invention Concepts Solar-Breeze Intelligent Solar Robot Pool Skimmer is the first of its kind in the world and Invention Concepts is hoping that pool owners world-wide will jump on board with the idea of having “greener” pools. Solar-Breeze is characterized by a unique solar-power system allows it to operate whenever the sun is shining, collecting debris from the pool surface and preventing it from sinking to the bottom. The Solar-Breeze is a full-time pool cleaning robot that will pay for itself in the first summer with reduced pool maintenance and operating costs. 

Solar-Breeze uses a unique solar-power system that allows it to skim your pool surface all day while the sun is shining, collecting debris from the pool surface and preventing it from sinking to the bottom. Since it keeps dust and debris from sinking to the bottom of the pool, the time required to run the pool pump is significantly reduced. Your pool will be cleaner and clearer, and pool pump usage should go way down.

A Chemical Dispenser is included in the Solar-Breeze design because dispensing chlorine or clarifiers evenly and randomly over the surface, makes the chemicals far more efficient than when spread by other means. The Solar-Breeze is the ideal platform for distributing the steady “maintenance” levels of chlorine needed in a swimming pool. It can carry a maximum of two 3″ solid chlorine tablets in its Chemical Dispenser that will slowly dissolve as the Solar-Breeze navigates around the pool. Only the Solar-Breeze can distribute chlorine so evenly on the surface, or do such a thorough job of releasing it uniformly near the outside walls of the pool and do so without the need to operate the swimming pool pump. 

It’s Features: (For more information and specifications)

• Internal chlorine distribution tray.

• Self-extracting from stuck positions.

• Four blue LED navigational lights.

• Rechargeable batteries for maneuvering out of shadows.

• High-efficiency, break-resistant, poly-crystalline solar panels.

• On-Board control panel with operation and alarm indicators.

• Reduces operating time for pool pumps and vacuum systems.

• Skims floating debris before it sinks, keeping the pool crystal clear.

• Skims all debris including leaves, grass, bugs, even dust and suntan oils.

• Rotating bumper wheels helps to maneuver around almost any object.

The aquabot automatic pool cleaning services

The aquabot automatic pool cleaning services

Among the pool cleaning machine manufacturers, a subsidiary of fluidra which acquired the flagship brand in 2011 one of the most striking is the aquabot pool cleaning services which began as a pool cleaning service provider. Having seen the market needs during the scope of providing the services, the aquabot pool cleaning services are said to have come up with the first robotic pool cleaner by the year1982.

The company aim over the years has been towards giving its customers a more enjoyable pool experience through the most innovative service delivery. This has always made the company be on its toes in developing new ideas in pool cleaning and the accompanying equipment needs in the market. With this in mind, the company has always ventured in both the commercial and residential pool services.

The robotic cleaners manufactured by aqua robotic pool cleaning manufacturers are said to offer better cleaning experiences by removing more debris and other finer particles and thus helps reduce the need for use of chemicals like chlorine in the pool. The pool cleaning by aquabot has over the decades kept to the company aim of “keep it fresh”. Aquabot also offer the most comprehensive machine ranges in the market which include innovative pumps, and has the best filtration mechanism in the industry. In addition the aquabot robotic pool cleaning machines are fitted with a 4WD mechanism making it easily move in the pool in any direction. The aquabot machines are the only ones fitted with the power washing jets aimed at pressure washing the pool floor, loosening the debris and helping save time and energy.

The aquabot robotic pool cleaning service provider focuses most of its attention in the customer component, providing clean pool water for its clients is the priority because of the belief that clean water guarantees health and protection of the pool users against infection.

With all the positive attributes the aquabot brand has built, there is no doubt that the aquabot automatic pool cleaners are a good bargain. The aquabot products thus cannot be wished away where pool cleanliness is concerned

Alexandrite – The Gems for June Birthstone Jewelry

                                        Alexandrite – The Gems for June Birthstone Jewelry


Alexandrite, which can be used throughout June birthstone jewelry, is one of the uncommonness of gems to be able to surface on the world. It’s accepted as the June birthstone and is particularly the valuable stone used to celebrate the 45th and 55th wedding anniversaries. It is one of the chrysoberyl party and is constructed from a mix of titanium, light weight aluminum, iron, chromium and the chrysoberyl mineral.

This June birthstone can be quite much valued as a consequence of it’s capacity to drastically transition colors. In comparison with other gem for example diamonds and sapphires, alexandrite is really a relatively completely new precious stone out there, having simply been discovered roughly 150 years ago. The Alexandrite valuable stone was discovered in the Russian Ural Mountains in the early 1800’s and was named after the Emperor of the Russian Empire, Czar Alexander II. This birthstone was handed the name “magic gem” as a consequence of it’s mystical show involving colors.

Colour of this particular gemstone varies while using the wavelength involving light and the chemical bonds that you can get in your gem. In natural alexandrite displays a bluey green friendly moss just like color nevertheless when witnessed under table lamp or candlepower unit light this particular color changes to some warm raspberry strengthen. This transaction is called the alexandrite effect. It is because of the chemical mix off chrysoberyl, that is a rare oxide mineral, and chromium. Alexandrite becomes it’s colorings from chromium. 

It’s crucial to consider the intensity on the color change when checking an alexandrite. The gem is considered rarer and more valuable if the color change is total and powerful. A more aspect to think about is your cutting quality on the gem and it’s really clarity. Alexandrites which have been found throughout Russia can be of exceptional color and quality, thus making these people more precious. The better part of the alexandrites out there are below 1 carat due to the fact bigger measurements are too costly by the majority of people.

it’s essential to keep alexandrites from extreme warm exposure since this can influence their capacity to change colour. When cleanup these gem stones soapy hot water works extremely well or alcohol or maybe a specially built jewelry cleanup solution. If ultrasonic or maybe steam cleaning are needed properly competent jewelers must be used. 

Even though the quick history of this “magic gem” it was already attributed with a number of magical and mystical components. It’s the rare and striking gem stone and would complete a magnificent June birthstone jewelry gift for a cherished individual who has the June birthday.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Swimming Pool Cleaning Service


If you decide not to apply for a swimming pool cleaning service company, because you can handle the job on your own, and you know all the tricks what a swimming pool takes, here are some useful information which are the most trustworthy swimming pool cleaning service equipment’s and brands.

As swimming pools are so popular, it would be interesting not to find offers on the market which relates to pool maintenance, either chemicals or technical equipment. The concern here is not about the broad range of offers and products which are present on the market rather the accent is on finding the quality products among the many offers.

According to many companies whose operation is recognized by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and whose technicians are certified pool and spa operators, the top brands which offer quality products for an honest price are: Polaris Pool Equipment; Pentair Pool Equipment; Jandy Pool Equipment and Hayward Pool Equipment. These are the top four brands which offers quality products for a fair price.

For example there are two categories of Hayward Pool Cleaners: robotic cleaners and suction cleaners. Robotic cleaners are the most energy efficient, they can save up to 94% on energy costs compared with most pressure cleaners.  The top three robotic cleaners are the shark models: Tigershark, SharkVAC XL, Shark VAC.

Suction cleaners are a little bit different, then the robotic ones. Suction cleaners are best for tropical areas where cleaners most be capable of handling finer debris, leaves and twigs. The top suction cleaner models are: Hayward Blu; Navigator Pro; Pool VAC XL; Pool Vac Classic and DV5000.

No matter which among the above listed brands or products you will choose, you have to remember the equipment is one thing what it truly matters is how to use them in order to prolong the life of your pool. Some people have the necessary knowledge about pool maintenance others do not. If you are a first time pool owner, it is highly recommended to subscribe for new pool owner courses where you can learn how to operate your pool on your own. 

Benefits of hiring audio visual gears for your corporate event

Corporate events are the types of formal events. These should be arranged in a very formal very with the least of omissions and errors. The success of an event is estimated by its perfection and the degree to which it is flawless. You can also hire the event managers to make all the arrangements in your event, but if you want to make the arrangements by yourself, you can do it easily. The most important thing for arranging the events is that you have to make the arrangement of audio visual gears. Understanding the careful arrangement of audio visual gears will make it easy for you to arrange various kinds of events. Though the Top Toronto DJ services give you a number of advantages, you can hire the gears separately too which are given below:

  1. Hiring the services of audio visual gear rentals makes you enable to get the latest equipments on low costs. It is impossible to buy these gears every week as the technology is developing. These companies make it possible to provide you with the high tech latest equipments on a low cost.
  2. Hiring the equipments only does not make the arrangements done. Highly trained staff is also required for this to handle all these gears. If you are determined to do all this, you have to work hard and your attention is diverted, too. Once you hire the personnel, they will help you to get the most of the benefit from the equipments.
  3. You can make your presentations more effective if you hire the latest audio visual gears. Special effects, lights, sounds and all these can make your event more and more memorable. Wireless setups, microphones, podiums, LED and LCD screens and projectors make a very special addition to your conference.
  4. Hiring the audio visual gears for your live video conference is also very necessary. Try to get the latest equipments by hiring these from audio visual rental companies. Your DJ can also help you in getting all these equipments as they have links to various suck companies. Try to find out more about these equipments and make your event successful.

Good luck!

Things to consider to hire a DJ

Living in Toronto makes your life very busy. You get very less time to get a holiday and enjoy with your family. It is impossible that you get a leave from your office and your children get a leave from their schools simultaneously. There are only events which make it possible to get together with your family and friends. It is necessary to make those events even special so that you enjoy that precious time with your family. You can get the Best DJ services in Toronto for your event easily by hiring the professional DJ in Toronto. Here are a few things which you must know for hiring the best professional DJ:

  1. Choose the professional DJ: it is the very most important thing for your event. For the very best results, you must have a professional DJ on your event. You must be confused that how to check which DJ is professional and which is not. Simply, you can get a list of professional DJs from the yellow pages directory. Check the experience of those DJs and make a list of those having more than 3 years experience in the Toronto.
  2. Visit his website: you can get the web addresses of these DJs from those directories or yellow pages. Try to visit them online. Also try to get the links of those DJs on the social media. Trace them and try to find out their services and check their performances.
  3. Check the specialization of your DJs: after making a list of your selected DJs, you have to check the specialization of those DJs. A few DJs are specialized in DJing weddings, other are corporate DJs. According to your event, choose the DJ wisely.
  4. Get a demo of your DJ: when you finally select a DJ, get a demonstration of that DJ. You can get this demo in the form of a CD or an online performance. You can also ask people who have hired them before about the clips of his performance. It would help you in deciding which DJ to hire and which to fire.

Following these tips can help you in getting an easy selection of DJ for your event. Good luck!

Spend A Little, Reap The Benefits

Spend A Little, Reap The Benefits


In today’s world time seems to be flying by and we struggle to meet the demands that life places on us. Expenses are ever increasing and it seems that we just can’t get ahead. The same goes for finding time for other activities outside of work such as domestic chores that need to be done. A pool is one such chore that demands certain amount of time which we don’t always have. It is for this reason that pool cleaning companies were established in the first place. These companies have teams that are there to assist you in keeping your pool spotless and clean. It does not matter if you own a splash pool or an Olympic size pool; they are there to take care of all the pools needs. If you only need a hand to be kept on the chemical balance of your water or you need them to go he whole hog, pool cleaning companies can do it all for you.


Some of these great companies even go as far as to do renovations for you too. It sounds a bit strange to do renovations on a pool but there is a certain amount of wear and tear that takes place and it needs to be repaired sometime. The renovation may be as small as replacing the tiles in the pool or as large as adding a new section to the pool. Some pools are painted and like any wall, pools paint will also flake and fade after years of use. To have a pool repainted is a rather involved job, best left to the professionals to do. Your pool needs to be emptied and painted with a paint that can withstand the chemicals in the water. It has to dry for the proper amount of time or it will peel off the walls. Some pool cleaning companies will even take on this task for you. Now might be the best time to invest in a pool cleaning company that can save you money in these financially hard times and you can rest take a load off.

Smart pool direct command plus automatic pool cleaner.

Smart pool direct command plus automatic pool cleaner.

The smart pool automatic pool cleaner is another automatic pool cleaning machine capable of deep pool cleaning .Manufactured by the smart pool direct pool automatic pool cleaning equipment  manufacturers which is one of the most innovative company involved in the manufacture of automatic pool cleaning equipments.  This unique brand of automatic pool cleaner is fitted with a fast track cleaning mechanism capable of cleaning the pool within the shortest time of at least 1 hour. The machine is very light compared to all types of pool cleaning machines and is fitted to work three fold, a direct command, a scrubbing mechanism and a 60 feet cord which makes the navigation of the automatic pool cleaners.

The features

The smart poll cleaning machine is fitted with very unique cleaning accessories which include, scrubbing parts which assist in the scrubbing pool floors and walls and the water line. The machine has a brush to port -cleaning thus missing nothing .With a very light build, the machine operates a remote control which is inter-phased for spot check cleaning and is fitted with a dual drive motors making its use more convenient and its ability to  turn at zero radius is an enabling factor where navigation is concerned. The machine also has large filler bag and is widely approved for use by several bodies involved with the quality brands in pool cleaning. As the only robotic automatic pool cleaner made by the smart pools, the machine is classified to be used for on ground pool cleaning. The machine is also environmentally friendly through its energy saving features.


This machine is mainly supplied by the save on pool supplies and is offered at the save on pool supplies website – an online platform. The save on pool dealer offers the machine at a pocket friendly price and it comes with its accessories all at equally very friendly prices.


With the presence of several brands of automatic pool cleaning machines, the smart pool is just one of the choices on offer. With its several unique and manufacturer incentives the machine is an alternative choice where pool cleaning is concerned.

iRobot Mira pool cleaners

iRobot Mira pool cleaners

If there is one of the most prolific manufacturers of pool cleaning equipments, then irobot is the number one choice among the several robotic pool cleaning machine makers. With the best robotic pool cleaning machine meant to ease the workload in the process of pool cleaning, the irobot pool cleaning machines are made to increase your swimming time and decrease your cleaning time. These machines are made such that they are easy to install and operate. Further, they have no booster pumps and horse pipes. Yours is just to simply drop the machine into the pool and it does its thing.

The Mira robotic pool cleaners are fitted with a deep cleaning mechanism which cleans your pool and is also made to remove debris which includes leaves, hair particles and other pieces of dirt. Sometimes the Mira is also effective in the removal of algae, pollen and very tiny bacteria where they are found in the pool. This is done used a PVC brush which is fitted to the machine making it scrub and remove dirt as it moves. Its cleaning is focused in effective removal of large debris from the pool surface by cleaning both the wall and floor and is made to navigate all corners of the pool making it very efficient.

This is the most convenient pool cleaning equipment given that the machine is just pressed on and then dropped into the pool, it will choose on the mode at which to clean the pool depending on the nature of the dirt found in your pool. The machine is also made in such a way that it is easy to drain and lift from the pool give its weight which is also very convenient for the pool owner avoiding heavy loads.

The machine has a storage tank which is also as convenient to open and empty as the other features of the machine. Using one of the most recent technologies of iAdapt Nautiq which is an estimation mechanism making the cleaner to effectively estimate the corners of the pool ensuring thorough cleaning. In addition to the gyro sensor which is able to detect where the machine has covered.

The machine may be new in the market and so most clients have not come across it, it is a darling of most pool owners who have used it though.

Key to success for June-born person

Key to success for June-born person

As every person is connected with the 12 signs of Zodiac and analyzing zodiac astrologers can tell a person’s future then it can help to change the luck too. By wearing one or more birthstones a person can inspire good forces and stay away from evil forces. June’s birthstone is Alexandrite and pearl so a June-born person can get good luck by wearing the birthstones connected with June. Whatever you do you will get success and whoever you approach he or she will be interested in your company as birthstones have a character of being one’s lucky charm.

Ancient Indians and Babylonians both assumed that particular gemstone carries unusual and amazing supernatural powers. Alexandrite was named on the Russian Tsar Alexander. This stone comes in a number of colors and they are dark blue-green, blue-green, dark grass-green or olive green. An interesting quality of this gem is its color changing nature in sunshine. In the sunset its color may possibly be purple, red-purple or pink-magenta. At present Alexandrite is one of those hard to get type birthstone and in huge demand as it is only found in Siberia.

June’s other birthstone is Pearl and original natural pearl is rarer than even diamond. This gem was very popular in the 19th century and was included in clothing. An ancient Greek myth says that the goddess of love Aphrodite’s tears of joy got hardened and became pearls. Pearl means the gem of the sea and the available types are – saltwater, freshwater, cultured or faux. When we think of pearl, the picture of cream or white colored one comes in mind but Pearl is available in all sorts of colors starting from chocolate, pink, yellow to black and other sweet colors.


Scientifically, a gemstone can never change a person’s luck but there are obviously some supernatural powers beyond science. Well, there are still some people who believe that pearl can treat digestion problems and ease conditions of swelling. If you are a June-born person and want some good luck then try birthstone jewelry today. A proverb says that god is for them who believes. Who knows, the birthstone jewelry may bring your good luck.